Saturday, 18 April 2009


- PALM SUNDAY – April 5th
A special Service was celebrated on Palm Sunday, the beginning of the Holy Week. The Triumphal Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem was remembered and the church was decorated with Palm Branches.
The Lord Supper was offered to the members and the Bread and the Wine were brought to the altar by the Elders on duty that Sunday, as it is custom at the UHLC.

The UFUNUO CHOIR from the Swahili Service came to sing in the English Service.


Four (4) Baptisms were performed on Palm Sunday (see more in the next postage).

The Gospel Reading was from Mark 11:1-11: The Triumphal Entry; and the sermon highlighted the Theme: “THE LORD NEEDS IT…”

Four girls from the Danish Community were present. They have beenn instructed by David V. Winslöw and will confirm their Christian faith on May 24th.

– Pastor greeted all the people at the end of the Service.

The UFUNUO CHOIR sang more outside after the Service. As we have now our hall again (after the building and the dedication of Luther Plaza), it is a good place for our fellowship.


Bishop Rev. Dr. Walter Obare preached and was the Celebrant on Maundy Thursday, and he preached also at the Good Friday Service. Both were joint Services: English/Swahili.

The Lord Supper was highlighted on Maundy Thursday at 06:00pm Service as Jesus celebrated it for the very first time “on the night He was betrayed” (1 Corinthians 11:23).

On Good Friday (10:00am), we didn’t celebrate the Lord Supper. It was a Service of the Word to remember the Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His victory over the death. – A guest choir from Tanzania – TUMAINI CHOIR - sang several hymns during the two and half hours Service.

The ANGAZA CHOIR and the UFUNUO CHOIR, both from the Cathedral, sang at the Service too.

The TUMANINI CHOIR sang outside after the Service, …

… and people enjoyed listening to them.


We celebrate the RESURRECTION of Our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, April 12th at 09:00am(English) and at 11:00am (Swahili) and the bell called to worship. Bishop Obare preached at the Swahili Service.

– The youths from Namibia, who are studying at the Nairobi University (across the street from the Cathedral), organized a choir to sing in their own mother tongue: Ochiwambo.

The Lord Supper was offered to the Christian family, as we do every Sunday, and we celebrated a special Easter Season Order of Service, highlighting ABLAZE. Everyone was invited to share his/her faith in the Resurrected Jesus with a friend.

After the Service, as we sang: “Here I am, Lord… I will go, Lord…” , all greeted all in a big circle at the outside hall, wishing Happy Easter.

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