Thursday, 26 March 2009

Several Activities (L): VII - DO YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE?

– Rev. Asfaha Mehari, President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Eritrea – ELCE, visited our Service on February 1st.
– He was with a group from NOREA MEDIA MISSION. NOREA is owned and run by the Norwegian Lutheran Mission and uses radio, TV and the Internet to proclaim the Gospel in more than 25 languages throughout the world. – From right to left: Mr. Martin Birkeclal (NOREA ); Mr. Fikreyesus (ELCE), Mrs. Miria Fecada (ELCE), Rev. Asfaha Mehari (Pres. ELCE), Rev. C.W.Winterle and Mr. Ato Shibru Galla (Ethiopia Evangelical Church Mekane Yesu – EELMY), - – Internet: (01/February 2009)

– Prof. Malachy Akoroda, from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, working temporary for FAO, Nairobi. (He already went back to Nigeria). (08/February/2009)

– Mr. Uswege Minga and Mrs. Freda Minga. (08/February/2009)

– Lise & Tore Lindseth, and Vivi & Harald Ro, from Norway; visiting Astrid & Bjorn in Nairobi (15/February/2009)

Delano and Linda Meyer,LCMS World Mission long-time missionary from West Africa; their son Brian, his wife Robin, and two daughters, Marissa and Heather, from the USA. (15/February/2009)

– Paula and Leroy Bradway (on the right), from the USA, Sarah’s Padre parents + Sarah, Stephen and Lexi (15/February/2009)

Margareta Iven and his sister Inger Malo (15/February/2009)

– Mr. Ochich, his wife Jean and the children: Lisa, Evans Larry and Robin.

Onesmas Kingoina Otiso, his wife Esnas Nyaera and the baby Havilah Nyarabi Kingoina, (2 months old). The son Micah Gisore Kingoina (3 years old) was in the school. Onesmas is Angaza Choir Master. They were visited by the Pastoral Staff on March 25th and Havilah will be baptized on Palm Sunday, 5th April.

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