Thursday, 26 March 2009

Several Activities (L): VI - CLEANING THE CATHEDRAL

After the new building next to the UHLC had been completed and the dedication of the Luther Plaza took place, the Cathedral needed to be repaired and to be cleaned. – Mrs. Beata Balint, with the support of the Elders, called for a general repair and cleaning, and also for a fundraising for the furniture for the new offices.
Several cracks were repaired and the Cathedral was painted inside and some parts outside.

March 22nd, Saturday: Around 60 people responded to the call and came to clean and to help in whatever was necessary. – The windows were cleaned up (upper and lower) , inside and outside.
The balcony was cleaned up from all stuff stored there.

The chairs were cleaned…

… and also the new Sunday School Chairs, just bought;

– the furniture…

-… and all the benches (pews) were carried out, washed, waxed and carried in again when the Cathedral was clean.

The chandeliers, the carpet and the floor… all were cleaned.

It was nice to see students…

… and professors…

… women…

… and men… young and old… all working together, in well organized teams.

All had fun in helping and to see how the Cathedral was becoming clean.

Around noon we had a break for devotion and for lunch in the new UHLC facilities in the Luther Plaza, just behind the Cathedral. – The old tables had been repaired the week before.

After the lunch all helped to finish the cleaning of the floor, inside and outside.

Finally all was clean and ready to be put in their own places again.

The balcony and all was shinning!

The altar and the other tables were clothed with new white table clothes + the collor from the Lent Season.

And, of course, tired, it was time to rest!!!

On Sunday, some pictures from the work were shared with the congregants, and Mrs. Beata said a THANK YOU to all for the goodwill and help.

The Cathedral is now ready again to carry out its goal:

...To proclaim the message of the cross to Nairobi and to so many international people crossing through our city.

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