Thursday, 6 December 2007

Several Activities (F) - Visitors

Prof. William Schumacher, from Concordia Seminary St. Louis, MO, after spending one week at Matongo Seminary with some Concordia students, visited with P.Carlos tourist places, congregations and Bishop Obare on November 20th and 21st. From left to right: Prof. William Schumacher, Kara Koschmann, Mark Koschmann, Marcus Breitbarth, and Michael Knippa at the Giraffe Center.
People from Nebraska and from Michigan, USA, visited us on November 25th: Rev. Russ Sommerfeld - LCMS Nebraska District President;Rev. Ray Wilke - President of Orphan Grain Train (Nebraska);Rev. Richard Boring - Mission Executive for Nebraska District, LCMS;Rev. John Deang - African Immigrant pastor for Nebraska District;Glen Ziegler - retired attorney from Michigan, helping with mission projects;Rev. Claude Houge, LCMS-WM East Africa Area Facilitator introduced the team and traveled with them the next day to Sudan.

A team from the World Mission Prayer League (WMPL) visited us on November 25th: (from left to right) John Lorumo Lenareu, Samburu member; Rev. Charles Jackson, Arsim Pastor in Samburu and his wife Anita Jackson, Literacy Teacher; Rev. Chuck Lindquist, WMPL Director; Mike Koski, Africa Program Coordinator; and Gloria Sauck - KRN - Nurse in charge of Arsim Lutheran Dispensary in Samburu for the last 14 years, who introduced the team. The group met Bishop Obare the next day.

The President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Eritrea, Rev. Asfaha Mehari and his wife, visited us on November 25th.

Andrew Ole Ngeseyan (left) brought their friends to the service on the 25th November: Antonin Lourdel and Laura Copini. The day after Antonin and Laura flew to Amsterdam.

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