Monday, 10 December 2007

Several Activities (F) - World Aids Day

On December 1st, 2007, World AIDS Day, the Churches United Against HIV/AIDS - CUAHA, organized and Ecumenical Meeting at "Spring of Life Lutheran Church" in Kibera. "Full Gospel Church in Kenya", "Orthodox Church of Kenya" (Greek Rite), "Coptic Church in Kenya" and the "Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya" are members of CUAHA. Evangelist Sylvester is the ELCK representative at CUAHA, and Mr. John Maina, Nuru Media Ministry Director, was the Master of Ceremony on that day. Dr. Kenedy Ondede, from Kenyata Hospital, and CUAHA Kenya Working Team Chair, opened the event, after Pastor Dennis Meeker's opening prayer.
The "Conquerors" performed a drama about HIV/AIDS and led songs with the people.

350 people attended the celebration. It was a raining day, but people were not afraid to come. Saly, a member of "Spring of Life", who is widow, has 3 children, and is HIV/AIDS infected, gave a nice testimony about her faith in Christ and the support she has received from the church; she is our "Ambassador of Hope".

Several choirs, as the Madare Choir, from our sister church KELC (Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church) were there. ELCK Bishop Richard Amayo Ogosi, from Lake Diocese, spoke in behalf of Presiding Bishop Walter Obare, who was in South Africa on that day, participating at a LWF meeting. Representatives from the other church members of CUAHA gave their message too.

Our prayer is that people who took part at this celebration will follow God's solution for HIV/AIDS: Sexual abstinence for the single and faithfulness for the couples is God’s medicine for HIV/AIDS. God is a merciful God, who accepts all who come to Him through Jesus and forgives our sins.

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