Saturday, 26 July 2014


 A very important step was taken when we signed a Memorandum of Understanding – MOU on 9th July late afternoon. It is an Addendum to the first MOU written and signed at the beginning of the TEE program in 2010.  (Pastor Alfazema signing it.)

 The MOU agrees with the graduation of the eight TEE students next year and their Ordination. A new TEE class is planned to begin next year. 20 candidates are enrolled up to now. (Pastor Carlos signing).

 It also plans (for) the building of a Concordia Lutheran Center to train (the) future pastors. It will include dorms, kitchen, meeting room, etc. (The representative of the TEE students, Manuel Jambo, signing.)  
 The MOU specifies the duties of the Partners as well. (Director Gabriel signing).

 The relationship between the Lutheran Church Mozambique and the Project Kuwangisana is specified as well. (Mrs. Perpétua signing.)

 All are happy with the progress of the Church and the plans for the future.
 Pastor André hands over to Pastor Alfazema and to Mrs. Perpétua a Bilingual Bible English-Portuguese he had brought from Brazil as a special gift for them.

 He gave to the couple and to all students as well a daily devotional booklet Cinco Minutos com Jesus (Five Minutes with Jesus), from the Lutheran Hour office in Brazil.
 Pastor André was very happy to meet the founders of the mission in Mozambique!

 Due to it becoming dark inside the room,we all went outside for a meeting after the signing of the MOU, when many aspects of the TEE course, of the Church, of the Social Project and other plans were presented, discussed and agreed.
 The full moon light helped to lighten the meeting till we went for dinner.

 While I was giving classes on another day, Pastor Alfazema, Pastor André and Mrs. Perpétua went out to look for a plot for the building of the Concordia Lutheran Center. They found a very nice plot (just) close to the Academia Sete Montanhas, the school of the Kuwangisana project.
 The students went to see the plot as well and they agreed that it is the right place.

 All were very happy and we thank God for this blessing.
 A water well is necessary on the new plot, like the one at the Kuwangisana school.

 We went to the main office of the Village to talk to the Chief Mr. Adamo about the plot, and he gave his support to get the plot. Only taxes are necessary to be paid. Pastor André and Mrs. Perpétua did a follow up on this matter and four (4) hectares were registered in the name of the Church. More land is available for the church after the first building is completed. (In the picture: Pastor André, Pastor Alfazema, Mr. Adamo, and Pastor Winterle).
 The students gave Thank You to the Chief as well. We pray that all plans will be developed with your faithful support and with God’s blessings. “Thy Kingdom come” also in Mozambique!

Just a brief note about our family: Lidia and I are well in Cape Town, SA. The work at St. Thomas is blessed. We love our people and people love us, - a perfect combination for a good work! – We were in Brazil for Easter for the Baptism of our 5th grandchild, Júlia, who was born on 26 March to our daughter Tatiana and her husband Dickson von Muehlen; she has Henrique (5 years old) as her sibling. – Paulo, Flávia and Lucas are well in Brazil; as are Léo, Carol and Lea Sophia fine in Germany. We praise the Lord for the lovely family He gave us! Pray for us! – Pastor Carlos Walter and Lídia Winterle.

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