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SEVERAL ACTIVITIES (Y) - 1 - Heart to Heart Orphan Children Center - HHOCC

We welcome you to follow us in two new postages of our Blog:HHOCC and UHLC. We are sharing God’s blessings upon our work in Kenya, reporting Several Activities that happened in the past weeks and introducing some people to you. Feel free to contact us: cwwinterle@yahoo.com.br
Pastor Carlos Walter and Lídia Winterle
HHOCC had visitors from St. John Lutheran Church, Orange, California, USA at its meeting on 9th August:

Rev. Chris Singer, Mr. Jeffrey W. Lyall (Chairman), and Dr. Susan Njemanze, representing St. John and “Graceworks – Hope Network for Children International”. We shared common concerns about the needy people in Kenya and the HHOCC projects.
Heart to Heart Orphan Children Center - HHOCC held its first Open Meeting on 18th September.
After the devotion led by Rev. Carlos, we heard the report of Babra Institutes of Education Ltd, the manager of Laiser Hill Academy. They are sponsoring five HHOCC children in their boarding school and are willing to sponsor more next year.
Deac Mary, one of the founders of HHOCC, introduced a DVD prepared by Deac. Kathleen and Nuru Media Ministry about HHOCC beginning, goals, and projects. The video was shown to all participants. – Deac. Mary presented also reports about “The Orphans & Vulnerable Children Care Project and School Fees Program”, “Micro-Finances Project” and about the “Marginalized Groups and the Maasai Girls”. - Six Maasai Girls were rescued from early marriage and are now in Boarding School with the assistance of HHOCC. They need more sponsors and 10 other girls are in the waiting list to receive support. - 120 children are in the School Fees Program and more than 200 in the waiting list.
Sally, from Kibera, gave the report about “People Living with HIV/AIDS – PLWHA”. They organize Post Test Clubs (PTC) to give orientation and support to each other. – She read the report about “Addictions Recovery” on behalf of Julia, who is in the USA. This program is run in Mombasa

Esther, from Ongata Rongai, reported the work she is doing there with the help of Sally.

Mosa Lisaliza, from Kawangware, gave the report about the “Children Feeding Program”: 35 to 40 children come to have lunch 5 times a week during school time, and more than 50 during school break time; the children of the program bring their younger siblings and they share the same plate. – 15 orphans are already in the baptism and confirmation classes, and two have been baptized and confirmed. Many children are bringing their parents/or guardians to the church.
Douglas Masheti, from Kawangware, presented a report about the “Homeless Boys Program”. The program is run by the Kawangware Lutheran Church with the support of Fikisha. - 40 to 50 boys receive a plate of food twice a week and orientation for their lives. Five boys are already out of the streets and studying in Boarding School. Others are being prepared for going to Boarding School. - HHOCC is helping the program as well and built the Shower Block for the boys. –
Eric Mosigisi, from UHLC, presented a report on behalf of Valmah Obare about the “Volunteer Work”. They organize the HHOCC files and follow up with the teachers to update the performances of the children at school. They also visit the children in the Boarding Schools and at their homes.
Edward Mureithi, Treasurer of the Kawangware Lutheran Church, gave his input to HHOCC programs.

The participants of HHOCC Open Meeting outside UHLC meeting hall. – You are welcome to support HHOCC. Please, write to us. – A website will be ready soon with all details of the programs and how to help.
St. Michael’s Day (29th September) is a special day for the children in Kenya. We celebrated it on Sunday, 26th September, as the HEART TO HEART SUNDAY.
Children from the Feeding Program in Kawangware and others came to the UHLC Service. They sung and said memorize Bible verses.
They received a lunch after the services and all the children received candies.
A report of HHOCC activities was presented with a Slides Show, as follow:
Heart to Heart Orphan Children Center is Community based and acts as one of the social support arms of the church in the ELCK Central Diocese offering education and healthcare support for the orphaned and vulnerable children especially HIV & AIDS orphans with the primary goal of holistic care in education and decent desired development.
(In the picture: HHOCC Board)
We have a laid down program of activities that is designed to address the Christian faith of the children we are working with:
1./ Feeding program
2./ Orphans and Vulnerable children scholarship program
3./ Street Youth ( homeless boys) Outreach support for rehabilitation
4./ HIV & AIDS Support Groups- Post Test clubs and microfinance program
5./ Addiction recovery
6./ Rescue of vulnerable girl child in the marginalized communities
This is a lunch time fellowship program feeding about 40 children who come for lunch at our congregation in Kawangware from Monday through Friday. In the feeding program we reach them with the word of God.
Our team of volunteers follows up with those in the schools where Bible study programs are conducted.
Most of the children that are sponsored by the program attend the Sunday school and often bring their parents or guardians to the services as well. Two of them have been baptized and confirmed.

Fifteen more are attending baptism and confirmation classes and will be baptized and confirmed in December.
Presently there are 40 children on the program, however there is a great demand to extend it and start new ones at other locations.
COST OF THE PROGRAM: 1,000 KES/child/month
If a child does not attend school he misses not only the education but is exposed to all kinds of dangers and may end up as a street-child. That is why our high priority is to provide schooling for as many children as possible.
We do not give cash to the families but pay the school fees (directly to the schools), buy the uniforms, textbooks, and other learning material for orphans aged 5 – 25 years.

There are several former street children among them, who had the chance to return to school with our assistance.
Occasionally we distribute basic groceries to some of the families
Number of children in the program: 120
Number of children on the waiting list: 300

You can open up the possibility for an orphan to go to school and escape the dangerous life of a street child
Grade 1 – 8. KES 1,800 / month / child
Form 1 - 4. KES 3,600 / month / child
College KES 8,000 / month / student
We partner with Kawangware Evangelical Lutheran Church to reach the homeless boys in the slum of Kawangware under the Fikisha initiative.
So far we have been able to construct a shower block for the boys.

During the daytime, 40 to 50 boys can comfortably come to the church compound and wash themselves and their clothes at the shower place.
Besides we also have quarterly program of collecting and distributing clothes for them.
We have several programs working with People living with HIV and AIDS. We have what we call Post Test Clubs (PTCs).
These are people who tested HIV positive. We have about five such groups in Nairobi and one in Nakuru.
Among the activities is to support them psychosocially by encouraging group meetings, group counseling and individual counseling, training on micro finance loaning scheme, handcraft making among other activities.
We believe that these acts of mercy complement the spread.
It has been discovered that one of the contributing factors to orphan and vulnerable children stems from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. The aim of this coastal program is (i) to combat drug addiction by establishing Anonymous Groups, and providing counseling and treatment for the addicts; (ii) organize a prevention program with the involvement of the local community.

The Maa speaking communities of Maasai and the Samburu have been among some of the marginalized communities in Kenya. Among them are mostly the pastoralist communities such as the Pokot, Borana, Rendile, Burji, Somalis to mention but a few.
These communities have also maintained cultural practices and traditions which are very good and are admired by many visitors. However some of the cultural practices are not so favorable to the girl child and thus many are forced into early marriages and other vices like female genital mutilation (FGM) at the very tender age of about ten to thirteen years.
Because of the patriarchal nature of the communities the girls are left with no choice but to either follow orders or be banished. The Church through Heart to Heart responded to this need and reached out.
After several discussions and based on an agreement with the local chief, at the moment we have been able to support six girls who had already been sold off for marriage and are now in boarding primary school. These are just a few of the girls who were rescued but we have many that need such help.
For us the need is real and therefore need your partnership; and any regular or one-time support towards any of the above purposes will be highly appreciated. (End of the Report)
September 2010
POLE SANA, our sympathies, to Deac. Kathleen Lutz, member of HHOCC Board and a strong HH supporter. She lost her mother on beginning of September, a day before she went back to the USA to visit her mother that was very sick. “Blessed are the death who died in the LORD from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them” (Rev. 14:13).

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