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We are back with a new Blog, reporting special activities that happened during the month of July and beginning of August. It was a blessed month, with very special activities. Follow us in the three postages about: I -Homeless boys Shower Block Dedication in Kawangware ; II – Our trip to Germany; III – My trip to Mozambique and the TEE Course. – We thank you all for the contacts and support.
Shower Block Dedication

The shower block had been built since last year with the help of many donors, but only now it was possible to install a water pump to have running water in the showers. –What seems to be very natural to some people is not common in Nairobi’s slums: They don’t have showers to wash themselves or running water to wash their clothes. – This shower block will be used not only by the homeless boys, but by the local community as well. – Thank you to all who helped Heart to Heart (HHOCC) and ELCK Kawangware Lutheran Church to build this shower block!

The dedication took place on 11th July, after the service. The pump installation had not been finished yet when we arrived there.
Dr. Balint was supervising the last preparations.
The old well is still there and some people are using it. A new well was dug, but the water is not clean either. The next project for that Kawangware community is to have a borehole; some friends in the USA are working on that project. You are welcome to join them in their efforts.
Pastor Zedekiah preached in English and was translated to Swahili by Evangelist Emmanuel.

After the service, Pastor Zedekiah went out of the church to the shower block, followed by the congregants and visitors. He offered prayers of thanksgiving and read the Word of God.
He unveiled the main plaque first:
“ELCK (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya) Kawangware Shower Block – Donated by Heart to Heart Orphan Children Center – Officially opened on 11/07/2010.
The second plaque was unveiled: “In loving memory of Mark Mast Haws”. Mark passed away; he had had a big concern about water to the people in Africa. The plaque was his mother’s last wish before she passed away as well; and a donation was sent for this project by Mark’s sister.
Pastor Zedekiah finished the dedication ceremony…
…and blessed the people.
Pastor and some youth in charge of the Homeless boys Program opened the tap and water flowed abundantly!
Immediately some of the homeless boys ran to the water and washed their hands!
You can see their happiness!
Heart to Heart (HHOC) Board is glad to report this event as a joint effort of many friends around the world through HHOCC and through Kawangware Lutheran Church. . THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!
Some of the homeless boys; proud about the shower block.
They had received bread and tea on that morning with their regular Bible Study as usually…
… and sodas were offered to them and to all people who attended the dedication service. (See more about the Dedication Day:
Lídia filmed it and our son Léo edited it in the YouTube in Germany. (I haven’t been able to see it because our Internet is limited and we cannot open YouTube here.)
B – The Homeless Function
A special party was planed for the Homeless boys the week after the dedication. It took place on 15th July.
Some people of the Kawangware church prepared the food…
… with the help of some of the boys.
While the food was prepared, the homeless boys had several activities: Bible study, counseling……
Mrs. Beata Balint, member of the HHOCC Board, with the boys (She took the pictures of the function. Thank you!)
After the activities, each of the homeless boys received a big plate of food and a soda.
They enjoyed it and they say a big THANK YOU to all donors and supporters of that Homeless Boys Program and of the Shower Block building.

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