Sunday, 6 June 2010


Hi: Follow us in a report about our activities during the month of May at Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral – UHLC. – Lídia and I are fine, with God’s blessing.
– 45 volunteers from Texas came to Kenya during the two first weeks of May. They were led by Tomball Team, and they conducted 7 eye clinics at different locations in Kenya. We visit one clinic in Kibera slum.

People who came to the clinic first had an opportunity to hear the Gospel. Four evangelists were doing this work, in four different tents. (Ev. Francis Mboche presenting the Gospel.)

After this, people were enrolled and they received a Good News Magazine, while they waited for a consultation.

The clinic was organized inside the church, in several stages. The local pastor Rev. Dennis Meeker + local people were actively engaged in this work as volunteers as well.
Dr. Mike Rodewald, , Rev. Claude Houge, Shauen Trump and myself were there on 6th May. These clinics are a blessing for our people in Kenya!

The Sunday School Teachers had their regular training on 15th May. After the training, they enjoyed a hot dog with some members of the English Choir.
Heart to Heart Orphan Children Center had its regular meeting on 18th May. All members of the board where there: (Sitting, from left to right: Julia, Mary, Beata, Janet, Kathleen; standing: Pr. Carlos, Pr. Omodhi, John Maina and Sylvester. – We had also an extra meeting on 26th May to work on our Strategic Plan. Kathleen is leading us in this work.

Kawangware choir visited us on Mother’s Day, 9th May. The mothers were called for a special prayer and received roses.

Guest preacher: Rev Dr. Endor Modeste Rakoto, President of the Malagasy Lutheran Church (FLM) – Madagascar, was our guest preacher on 9th May.

The Fianconana Loterana Malagasy– FLM, has almost 3 million baptized members, and it’s roots go to 1866, when missionaries from the Norwegian Missionary Society began the work there.

Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland – LEAF – youth visited our service on 30 May. They introduced themselves and the activities they are doing in Kenya for some time and also sang at the service. They are (not in order in the picture, sorry): Jari Savalairer, Joahanna Juupaluoma, Joona Vuorinen, Tia-Riina Kesti, Maiju Vairianpëä, Kaisa Lydky, Anniina Ylinen and Johanna Luomaranta.

Rev. Ari Lukkarinen, also from LEAF and teaching at Matongo Seminary, Kenya, was the guest preacher that Sunday.
Do you know these people?
Irene Diwan and her little baby Ashlee were visited by the Pastoral Staff on 12th May.
Shauen & Krista Trump and little Josiah are LCMS missionaries who moved from Kampala, Uganda, where they had served the last two years, to Nairobi, Kenya. They will work close together with Rev. Claude Houge, especially in Tanzania and Kenya. Read more in their Blog:
Araya Haile and her husband Leul.
Nathaniel Rhein, a volunteer from the USA, comes regularly to our services during his time in Nairobi.
Wilfred Tokpah, from Liberia, is working temporarily in Nairobi and attends our services regularly.
Derek Pierson and his wife visited us in 16th May. Derek used to be an elder at UHLC (he moved from here in 2006, just before we arrived) and played an important role here during the time he was living in Nairobi.

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