Monday, 17 May 2010

SEVERAL ACTIVITIES (U) - 3 - Bishop's Award

O b a r e R e c e i v e s
(text: From the ILC News May 2010) idea/selk-news
- The Presiding
Bishop of the
E v a n g e l i c a l
Lutheran Church in
Kenya, The Most
Rev. Dr. Walter E.
Obare Omwanza,
N a i r o b i , h a s
received the Walter-
With it his worldwide
engagement for the
lasting validity of the
Bible as the word of
God and the
Confessions of the
C h u r c h w a s
With this honor the Rally Around Bible and
Confession (RABC) in Bavaria, Germany
expressed the connectedness of European
Christians with the growing churches in Africa
which are faithful to the Bible, said RABC
chairman Andreas Späth, Ansbach, at the
conferring of the medal on 14 March 2010 in

Like the name bearer of the award,
Prof. Dr. Walter Künneth (1901-1997), Obare
also preserves “faithfulness towards Holy
Scripture in disputes with representatives of an
alleged modern theology which tries do
undermine the authority of the Bible and the
confessions of the Church,” Späth continued.
- Several speakers from Germany and
Scandinavia especially pointed out that five
years ago Obare consecrated Swedish pastor
Arne Olson as Bishop of the “Mission Province”
within the Swedish State Church.
The Mission Province advocates
conservative theological standpoints which are
not tolerated by the rest of the Swedish Church.
To it belong pastors which are not employed by
the State Church because they reject the
ordination of women.

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