Friday, 31 July 2009


From June 2nd to July 28, Prof. Adam Lee and 13 students from Concordia University, Irvine, California, were traveling in East Africa. They visited and worked in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. More information about their trip with Prof. Adam Lee:
They visited the Elephant Orphanage on the first full day in Nairobi…

...– where they saw the little rhino baby.
They also visited the Giraffe Center…
...where they got a kiss from the giraffe Laura!
The day after they visited the burned down church in Kibera…
… and the school.

The children always touch the heart of the visitors.
– Teacher Miriam introducing her class to Prof. Adam.
The team sang for the children…
… and the children also performed for the team.

The Principal introduced the staff to the visitors. The school has now 120 children, from nursery to form two (2). The plans are to reach form eight (8).
The students loved to be with the children.
They entered also the Kibera slum, where most of the children from the school and the members of the church live.
After Kibera, they visited the Orphans Feeding Program in Kawangware.
They joined the Tomball Medical Team there, singing and giving a good Christian testimony.
On June 5th they visited Kiambu and helped to build the church there.
They helped to carry the heavy solid stones…
- … they went to the little river to take water….
... and carried the water up the hill to the building.
They helped the masons…
…and carried more stones.
At the end of the nday they gave a good Christian testimony for the local people and the masons, singing and praying.
– While 9 of them went to climb the Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania, Prof. Adam + 4 students stayed in Kawangware to help to build the showers for the homeless boys.
40 street boys are enrolled in a rehabilitation program by the Lutheran Church in Kawangware, with support from HHOCC.
The team helped to prepare food for the boys (mixing ugali = white corn flour with water, a kind of polenta)…
… and served the food, eating also with the street boys.
Some street boys helped with the construction carrying stones sand, water, etc.
The shower project is a dream that finally became a reality. Sponsors from Brazil, Hungary, Germany and the USA are helping to build three showers and a laundry room. THANK YOU!
The children also received special attention by the youth.
The goal is to finish the building in August. When the team came back from their two-month trip, they stopped in Kawangware on July 27th and spent the day with the street boys.
They saw how far the building has gone until now. – The next step is to drill a well to obtain clean water for the project. Some people are willing to sponsor that project. And we are saving some money to establish a rescue center for the boys. Will you help? Contact HHOCC through our email:
– “May the favor of the LORD our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us – yes, establish the work of our hands.” – Psalm 90:17)

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