Monday, 16 July 2007


On 10th June, Pastor Carlos preached and offered the Lord's Supper in Kawangware for the first time. The local Evangelist led the liturgy and translated the Sermon to Swahili.
He introduced ABLAZE in Kawangware, telling all how to share better the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus with their friends and relatives.
On 24th June, Wendy Orina was baptized. In the picture: With her parents Wansilaos and Linette, and with her God-Parents and Pastor Carlos.

On June 24th, we had a special FAREWELL prayer for Vicar Nathan, his wife Melissa and little Chloe. They went back to the USA.

We thank God for the good work Vicar Nathan did in our congregation during the time he was with us, and we wish him God's blessings for his life and work back to his country.

On 15th July the congregation offered a birthday-cake and sang "Happy Birthday to you" to Mrs. Lídia Winterle (July 15th) and to Pastor Carlos Walter Winterle (July 20th). We thank all for your kindness and love, and for the gifts you gave us.
NEWS, NEWS, NEWS: As we were preparing this BLOG, we read in the LCMS Web-site that President Gerald Kieschnick was re-elected as President of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod for a third term of three years in the LCMS Convention, Houston, TX. Bishop Walter Obare is there, representing the ELCK. Our prayers are with them while they are gathered to study God's Word, to decide several matters about the church and its mission and to enjoy the Christian felloship.

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