Thursday, 24 May 2007

Women's Prison - 2 - Bishop Dr. Walter Obare

Lídia, my wife, is taking English classes. Seven months ago, when we came to Nairobi, she didn't know anything of English. Today, her English teacher asked her to write a letter to our daughter Tatiana, telling her what happened yesterday. This is part of her report about the visit (after teacher's correction...):
"Yesterday, your father and I, with members of Uhuru Highway, visited Langata Women's Prison here in Nairobi. It was a good visit. In the prison, there are many young women with small babies. The babies are healthy. I took pictures of the prisoners and their babies.
The people from the church gave the prisoners soap, tooth paste, tooth brushes, clothes, bath soap, body spray, sanitary towels and many Bibles. It was fine. The prisoners were very happy.
The prisoners sang and danced for us. The Youth member of the church presented a Drama.
You father read the bible in English and prayed in English. The Bishop read the Bible in Kiswahili and prayed in Kiswahli.
When I was introduced, I greeted the prisoners in Kiswahili: Yesu ni Bwana (Jesus is Lord).
The members came to the prison in five cars."


Tatiana said...
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Tatiana said...

Dear mammy,

I'm very impressed with your English proficiency! Congratulations! What an interesting experience you had visiting the prison and taking some care to that women. Your report was very good and I'm proud of you!

With love,